The Top 5 Neighborhoods to Live in Bend, Oregon

Making a move to Bend, Oregon, is an exciting and life changing experience! 

What’s not to like? Bend has excellent weather, world-class beer and restaurants, a charming small-town feel, and a growing population. But like always, relocating can come with challenges and frustration. 

Personally, I know I had many questions about the communities and neighborhoods. This blog post will circle Bend, Oregon, covering the four sections and some of its best areas.

If you have any additional questions, check out my YouTube channel, I have many different videos on there!

We’re about to go through the details ins & outs of Bend’s neighborhoods. But, if you’re short on time, here are the best parts about each neighborhood in Bend.

A quick glance at neighborhoods in Bend 

Northwest – A newer community that is desirable with families, retirees, and anyone in between. Premiere location, quiet neighborhoods, and tasty cafes and restaurants.

Northeast – Established neighborhoods, close to popular shopping centers, and home prices that everyone loves.

Southeast – Spread out and peaceful. With less traffic and more land Southeast Bend is popular with those looking to slow down.

Southwest – Central location, great for families and beautiful homes. Borders the Deschutes river trails and features multiple quiet neighborhoods.

Northwest Bend

Evening walk along the shore of the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon

As one of Bend’s most popular sections, there are a lot of unique and desirable neighborhoods. With close access to all outdoor Recreation and shopping, it’s no surprise this area is blowing up, and the top neighborhood is undoubtedly Northwest Crossing.

Northwest Crossing consists of homes designed with a craftsman or contemporary craftsman architecture. Prices range from $800,000 to $2,000,000 and are justified by location, amenities, and desirability.

The community is pretty diverse, and I see a lot of young families and retirees. With High Lakes Elementary, Pacific Crest Middle School, and Summit high school, all located within a mile of Northwest Crossing, this attracts many families and adds to the tight niche feel!

Snowbirds and retirees also love this area and the peaceful nature of Northwest Bend! The summers are perfect for road and mountain bikers alike, and with the Broken Top and Tetherow golf courses within 10 minutes of your neighborhood, it’s hard to beat!

If you are looking for luxury living and a peaceful environment, the Northwest side of Bend will be the right place to start. Other fantastic neighborhoods include Tetherow, Broken Top, and Awbrey Butte.

Outdoor Recreation Near Northwest Bend:

Tumalo Falls – 20 minutes

Mt.Bachelor – 30 minutes

Phil’s Trailhead – 10 minutes

Deschutes River – 10 minutes

Homes in Northwest Crossing create much of the buzz, so if you are thinking about relocating or moving to Bend, feel free to contact me here! I can answer any questions you may have.

Northeast Bend

Full of established neighborhoods and great prices, Northeast Bend is very popular with first home buyers and those looking to get a good bang for your buck. Northpointe, Boyd Acres, and a few others are among the most desirable neighborhoods.

Boyd Acres has plenty of pros and are seeing a spike in competition to secure a home in this area. Here are a few facts about the community.

Starting with the obvious – home prices are fantastic. You can lock up a superb three bedroom, three bathroom, single level home for under 400k. If you are looking to spread out, there are options to lockup half an acre to one-acre lots.

The community is a mix of young families, retirees, and everything in between. A big plus to the Northeast is being located minutes away from some of Bend’s best shopping and grocery stores. Trader Joes, Target, Home Depot, and the list goes on.

Boyd Acres has a few other developments and home types, from ranch style, to multi-level with open floor plans. If you are looking for a specific home type, this is a great place to start! Less restricting HOA’s and more room for unique, custom properties.

Being 10 minutes from The Old Mill District and Downtown, you won’t feel far from the action and expect to travel on US-97 a fair amount. This will take you all around Bend, aka, your new best friend.

Southwest Bend

A tight niche community with a handful of great amenities that supports an active lifestyle! 

Situated by the Deschutes river trail and close to the Old Mill District, this is an area you may want to look into more. Homes in this community are beautifully designed and feature classic, contemporary architecture. The Deschutes river trail borders most of the neighborhoods, making it possible to hike or bike into the Old Mill District. 

Just off of Brookswood Blvd, one subdivision has Pickleball courts and a play structure park within walking distance, yet another example of why Southwest Bend is so popular. 

Prices are lower than Northwest Bend and you are still centered in the heart of the city.

If you have kids, there a few subdivisions located next to the 11 cities managed parks in the SW division, including Pine Ridge Elementary, which hosts sports camps, and other fun activities in your neighborhood!

Are you wondering about some more pros and cons of Bend? Check out my recent article for 2020. I cover some of the most important pros and cons you need to know!

Southeast Bend

Southeast Bend is all about options. You can find acreage, full working farms, and brand new communities with townhomes. Larkspur, Old Farm District, and are a few of the very best neighborhoods in the area – let’s jump into the specifics.

This subdivision is full of great neighborhoods like Woodside Ranch, Stonegate, Hidden Ranch, and Blue Ridge. If you are looking for more breathing room and a laid back lifestyle, Southeast Bend is the spot to look. 

Homes in this section offer 1-2 acre lots regularly. You can expect lower CC&R’s, irrigation rights, and even the live cattle. If you aren’t looking to manage live cattle and larger property, reach out to me, and we can start looking for a great home on an average-sized lot for Bend.

Overall, Southeast Bend is great if you want to spread out and live at a slower pace. There is limited traffic and generally more privacy altogether.

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