Living in Bend vs. Redmond Oregon – 2020

If you’re considering moving to Central Oregon, you might be deciding between Bend and Redmond. You’ve also probably heard conflicting opinions from long time residents or strangers off of Nextdoor. Trust me, we all have.

Both cities are great and have their advantages and disadvantages, but a few differences are worth considering. This should give you more tangible information to go off of to provide a more comfortable relocation!

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The differences and similarities between living in Bend vs. Redmond Oregon

Both Bend and Redmond provide great, peaceful communities, but there will be differences and similarities like any other city. Here are a few key takeaways that I commonly hear from my clients.

Cost of Living

These two cities are 20 miles away from each other but expect to have two different overall living costs. A helpful source to break down these expenses is Best Places. Check out that site for more statistical information to compare the two!

From a top-down perspective, Redmond is the more budget-friendly option. Housing, food, and other amenities are more affordable and “family-friendly.” The housing cost is where you will potentially save the most money.

Median home values of single-family homes Fall 2020:

Bend -$477,000

Redmond -$365,000

With the average selling price for a home in Redmond costing 365k compared to 477k in Bend, there is a noticeable price difference, but what justifies it?

Starting with convenience, Bend will be closer and more attractive for those looking for a vacation town surrounding. The city has implemented plans to boost tourism and offer both residents and travelers a charming feel. You will see this in the many parks, trail systems, shopping districts, and neighborhoods minutes away.

Redmond is certainly up and coming, with breweries, a beautiful downtown scene, and growing demand. New home development spikes are also a notable trend to consider. If you enjoy a smaller town feel with less commerce and tourism, Redmond offers you Central Oregon living with less “hype.”

The cost of living will vary mainly on where you choose to live in either city. Finding a good deal is very viable in both areas. There are a few Bend sections where you can find Redmond prices, so keep an open mind. If you have any questions about relocating to either city, reach out to me anytime. My contact information is below, and I help clients from all around the country move to Central Oregon!

The Communities

Buying a house is only a portion of the whole moving process; equally important is the community and neighborhoods you will be spending time with.

Bend and Redmond can be very similar and different; this is a loaded topic but worth talking about.

Bend Oregon demographics:

Focusing heavily on easy access, Bends communities and neighborhoods are central to the major shopping centers, restaurants, and bars. This is great if you like being close to the action, regardless of where you live in town, you will be within 10 minutes of the hotspots.

Neighborhoods here are very individualistic as a whole. West of Third street is a mixed-use haven, the areas closer to the Old Mill District and downtown tend to be older craftsman style homes with unlimited character, and I mean a lot. They are popular among young families, creatives, and retirees alike.

Northwest Bend is more of a luxury-focused community, including neighborhoods like Tetherow, Broken-Top, Northwest Crossing, Awbrey Butte, and more.

East of the third street is a mix of established neighborhoods with larger lots, more breathing room, and newer development communities popular among people looking to relocate.

If you want to read more about Bend and what it’s like to live here, check out my Bend Oregon guide article here!

Redmond Oregon demographics:

Like Bend, Redmond is on the smaller side and has an established population and community but is consistently growing year after year.

The community is going to be more similar to smaller towns in the Portland metro area then Bend. Tourism isn’t the main planning focus for the city, but the downtown area especially feels up and coming.

Neighborhoods are comparable to Bend’s east side with larger lots, older areas, and a natural mix of new communities mixed in. If you plan on slowing down or raising a family in a safe neighborhood, Redmond will be on the top of your list!

As a bonus, you are within minutes to the Redmond Airport, which can get you to most major U.S. hubs like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Denver.

Daily Commutes

Something I hear commonly about the difference between Redmond and Bend is the daily commute. But it’s true. Bend is easier to navigate and get around.

Heading North on US-97 from Bend will offer a direct shot into Redmond, but expect a 20-25 minute drive minimum. If you work in Bend and live in Redmond, your commute will be longer, especially in the winter, and this is where you will hear the most complaints. 

During snowstorms, US-97 can get backed up in both directions and can be frustrating to wait in.

Redmond is closer to Portland than Bend from a geographical location, so if you make consistent trips into that area, you can shave off an extra hour.

Overall Thoughts

Both cities are great. I hear excellent things about both, and I rarely get clients wanting to leave the area because they dislike it.

Similar to most things, it depends on personal taste and what you prefer. There are plenty of similarities between the two cities and some differences. If you are thinking about moving to Central Oregon, feel free to reach out at any time, and we can talk about your wants/needs.

I offer tours and different neighborhood guides to get you more familiar with the area!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully this helped answer some of your questions!

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