Moving to Redmond? This is What it’s Like to Live Here

The growth of Central Oregon over the years has been steady and impressively consistent. People from all over the country are escaping their sprawling metros for a peaceful environment with great lifestyle advantages.

Bend has been popular for quite a while and the demand to live here has not died down. A fair cost of living, unbelievable outdoor opportunities, and world-class beer and restaurants. Sounds too good to be true right?

With all the hype surrounding Bend, some prefer to live in Central Oregon but enjoy true small-town living and it’s own set of advantages.

Also, here is my full video going over every detail about living in Redmond! I also have a few other videos talking about the same thing, enjoy!

A recent YouTube video I made about living in Redmond

Cue Redmond!

Just north of Bend by 25 minutes drive on US-97, the once-booming farming town is now home to over 32,000 residents and has turned into quite a charming city.

It’s no wonder why Redmond (similar to Bend) has continued to see so much growth, but lets dive into some of the pros and cons to really break down what its like to live here!

Ready. Set. Go.

A Little Introduction

Mid-Town Redmond Oregon

Set just east of the famed cascades, and northeast of Bend by 16 miles it was founded in 1904 by Frank and Josephine Redmond. In 1910, the railroad system was introduced and the city began building up a prominent cattle and lumber industry.

Now, this hard-working city has a healthy economy and boasts a handful of different niche services like tourism, manufacturing, and engineering. 

Who Would Enjoy Living in Redmond?

  • Those looking for a small town feel that includes good home prices, top-notch communities, and all of the amenities of a larger city.
  • Families who want safe neighborhoods and great schools.
  • Retirees looking to settle down and enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of Living in Redmond, Oregon

Beautiful Smith Rock near Redmond Oregon

Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind before you make the big decision. Redmond Oregon is full of great advantages, but like any city, there are disadvantages as well.

Keep in mind that this is only a few opinion points I chose to write about, they may not be a big deal for you. If you want to hear more about living in Bend vs. Redmond, check out my YouTube channel here!


1. Laid back living –Bottom line, Redmond is relaxing, and it’s fantastic. Even compared to Bend, you will have a slower pace of life overall. Traffic is minimal around town, neighborhoods are private, and even downtown Redmond has a casual yet energetic persona about it. 

2. Less Regulation – I’ve heard this from a few clients, and they aren’t wrong. Living in Redmond has a blue collar feel that is rare to find in Oregon. If you tend to prefer looser living with less CC&R’s – welcome home!

3. Options, Options, Options – Whether you’re looking for ranch land, a double acre lot, a new construction home in a particular neighborhood or anything in between, you can find it here. This is one of my favorite parts of Redmond. Having the options to find what you are truly looking for is what separates Redmond from other cities in Oregon.

4. No Sales Tax – Praise the Lord! In Oregon there is no sales tax and that’s something to be grateful for. Moving here can save you money on a majority of your purchases and you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.


1. The commute to Bend – With a 25 minute commute into Bend, it can get tiring depending on how frequently you have to make the trip. Hypothetically if you accept a job in Bend and decide to live in Redmond, that can eat up your gas budget and set you back an hour of driving a day. This is something you’ll hear about from other in the area.

2. It’s small – For some this may be what you’re looking for, but with only 32,000 people residing in Redmond, it’s not a big city. If you prefer more “city living” Bend might be of more interest. Bonus – the closest major city is Salem and Portland and that’ll set you back around 2 ½ hours. 

3. The weather can be, well, cold – Redmond can get cold in the winter. With average winter temperatures ranging from 20-40 degrees fahrenheit, you will receive a “warm” welcome from the high desert! On the bright side, Redmond receives less snow and rain than Bend. So thats something to celebrate!

Neighborhoods in Redmond Oregon

Redmond is definitely unique because it has every time of living possible. Seriously!

New construction, working ranches, established communities, luxury builds and more. This is another reason its becoming so popular. You as a buyer get to choose where you live and what type of lifestyle fits you best.

Below is a list of some popular neighborhoods in Redmond, and I go through why different people like them!

Skyline Ridge:

Located on the Northwest side of town near Midtown, Skyline Ridge is a popular community close to schools, parks, and all of the shopping and entertainment in Redmond.

The neighborhood is primarily single family homes in the $300k-$350k price point with plenty of families and children.

You’ll enjoy this neighborhood if you are looking for somewhere that is centrally located and has plenty going on!

West Canyon Estates:

Another Northwest neighborhood, West Canyon is a quiet, dog friendly community with easy access to hiking trails, well maintained parks.

With custom home options and great amenities, West Canyon has become a city favorite and continues to grow year after year. Homes range from $350k-450k with plenty of varying lot and home sizes.

Running into town to grab groceries, tools, or anything you can imagine only takes a few minutes drive, and West Canyon Estates feels laid-back and safe.

If you are a community driven person with a family or dogs West Canyon is perfect for you. There are plenty of recreational opportunities and you’ll have great friends to join you!

Diamond Ranch:

Just Northeast of Mid Town, Diamond Ranch is a welcoming community with a wide variety of home styles and architecture. With contemporary single level homes, and craftsman style ranches with large lots, Diamond Ranch offers peaceful Central Oregon living.

Home prices range from 330k-405k and you can expect no property to look the same. Families love this area and there is always plenty of fun going on.

Close to US-97 you can get into the shopping centers within minutes and getting around Redmond is a breeze.

You’ll love Diamond Ranch if you have kids or dogs. You can pretty much stop your search here!

Oneil Way

A little barn next to a custom ranch in Oneil Way

Towards the end of Redmond on the Northeast corner, sits Oneil Way, a rural community with open living and beautiful homes. This neighborhood has homes in every price range and size.  You will find custom ranch style properties that offer acreage, sheds, and even irrigation ponds.

Prices range from $200k for plots of land, to $800k for the custom homes on larger lots.

Living in this area will give you breathing room, world class views, and a rural lifestyle. If you’re looking to escape city living all together, reach out to me and lets start looking for your dream home!


If you’re wondering what schools are like in Redmond, worry not, there are multiple options for K-12 and they are competitive with the rest of Oregon in both academics and athletics!

Elementary schools:

  • John Tuck Elementary School
  • Sage Elementary School
  • Tom McCall Elementary School
  • Vern Patrick Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • Elton Gregory Middle School
  • Obsidian Middle School

High Schools

  • Redmond High School
  • Ridgeview High School

Where to Eat and Drink

One of the most important aspects to a new town is its food and drink culture. Central Oregon has a great food scene that is following in Portlands footsteps. Being 25 minutes away from Bend is a big advantage because there are so many delicious restaurants and breweries.

Redmond also has some of my favorite spots in Central Oregon. A few of the best are:


Oishi Japanese

Wild Ride Brewing

Pho House

Cocktails and Drinks

Brickhouse Redmond

The Rooftop

Check out a few of these spots and let me know what you think! They are all unique in their own way but will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

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