The Top Junk Removal Businesses in Bend Oregon 2022

As a realtor, I deal with a lot of local vendors and companies that help clients move in and out of their home.

One of the most common services I hire out for is junk removal. Like myself, most people have extra unwanted items around their house. And I know In the past when I’ve moved the last thing I wanted to bring along were things I haven’t used in years.

Because my job is all about trust, I look for companies that are full of integrity. 6 months ago I found one of my favorite companies in town. Live Junkless.

Owned and operated by two Central Oregonians, I’ve used Live Junkless a handful of times. Let me tell you, they always impress! If you’re looking to remove items in your home, on your property or at your business, they have you covered.

Adam and Colin (a few of the team members of Live Junkless.)

Their service is great because you give them a call, they schedule a next day free estimate, and if you approve they start removing the items.

A goal with this blog is to start highlighting companies and places I love in Central Oregon.

My next blog will feature a local cleaning company that always does a fantastic job. The owner lives here in Bend, and is a true entrepreneur.

I love hearing about entrepreneurs in Central Oregon.

The Live Junkless team for example started with a small truck, two founders and a Craigslist ad. Now they have a small team, a full-size dump truck and are hoping to expand next year.

If you’re looking for a junk removal company in Bend, Oregon, Live Junkless is my go-to reference. Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed!

Call or Text: (541) 550-1240


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